About Ashley

Hi there, I’m Ashley, the gal behind Sorrenteaux. I’m a mom of four, food stylist, and charcuterie enthusiast. I come from a big family that loves to throw fabulous dinner parties, dance in the kitchen, and eat cheese! I’m thrilled to share my love of creative grazing, family friendly recipes, and themed boards that your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

My roots lie in the restaurant and hospitality industry, as my family owned and operated a prominent full service restaurant and banquet facility in Calabasas, California for over 35 years. My first job as the “Coat Check Girl” at my grandparents’ restaurant gave me an insider view of the exciting world of weddings, holiday parties, event coordinating, and more importantly, how to sneak a canapé and Shirley Temple while the banquet staff wasn’t looking. When I wasn’t working at “The Inn”, I was eagerly learning the magic of the kitchen with my Wisconsin-native grandfather, studying his massive cookbook collection, and learned everything from how to brown butter to churning raspberry ice cream in the summer. He taught me how to create delicious and healthy meals for the entire family to enjoy, and that the best memories were created around the dinner table. It was through working at my family’s restaurant and learning in his kitchen that I developed a lifelong passion for good food, entertaining family and friends, and the love of cheese.

When I first met my husband, a NoLa trained chef who had the same culinary enthusiasm, I knew it was a perfect match! Before long, we were throwing parties with themed menus and cocktails, and sharing our love of rich and delicious food with friends and family. Our charcuterie date nights and themed dinner parties lead to the start of Sorrenteaux, a place to inspire others to “feed bellies and imaginations”.

My hope is that the Sorrenteaux Boards and recipes will not only help you fill the bellies of those you love, but your souls as well! Food is my love language, and I’m so thrilled to share it with you.

With Love & Cheese,



Partnerships include Comté USA, Jacquet Bakery, Rojo’s Auténtico, Vallarta Supermarkets, See’s Candies, Chex Mix, Foodbeast, Sugar Bowl Bakery, and Crunchtime Apple Growers.